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Can you use a paintball co2 tank for SodaStream?

Can you use a paintball co2 tank for SodaStream?

Instead of using standard SodaStream CO2 carbonators, it is possible to use SodaMod CO2 tanks instead. While this process requires an adapter, many local sporting goods stores or paintball stores will refill your SodaMod tank for cheaper than it would cost to exchange a SodaStream carbonator (3-5$ on average).

The advantage of using a SodaMod tank over paintball tanks are that they thoroughly cleaned and certified for use with beverages. On the other hand, regular paintball tanks are often dirty and can contain contaminants such as benzene which can be a serious health concern. For this reason, I would caution against using paintball tanks. Another bonus is hat many SodaMod tanks fit inside the actual SodaStream machines, reducing the need for extra storage. Once again, you’ll need an adapter to be able to connect the SodaMod tank to the SodaStream machine. You should also make sure that wherever you’re getting your tanks refilled, to ask whether the CO2 is food grade.

What you’ll need

  1. SodaStream/Paintball tank adapter
  2. 1/16″ allen wrench
  3. SodaMod Tank/Paintball CO2 Tank


  1. Screw the adapter onto the paintball tank.
  2. Adjust the adapter so that it is level using the allen wrench. To do so, turn clockwise until it stops and then counter-clockwise for 1/2 turn.
  3. Screw the paintball tank with the adapter where you usually screw your SodaStream carbonator

In Fact, There's another way for the sodastream refilling. See how to do it, please click here.

Use a CO2 tank

The exchange of carbonators is part of SodaStream’s business model and gives them a significant amount of profit. Hence, there are cheaper methods of getting CO2 tanks refilled. Unfortunately, when doing so, you’re faced with the challenge of finding a tank that will work with SodaStream machines which are designed to only accept SodaStream carbonators. Luckily adapters exist that can be used to attach regular CO2 tanks to your SodaStream machine. Combined with refilling your CO2 tanks at a homebrew store that provides cheap and food grade CO2, you can save a significant portion of the costs of refilling your SodaStream machine. This method entails a high upfront cost as you need to buy a CO2 tank as well as an adapter but over time you’ll surely recoup the costs.  It also involves less work as you simply need to go to the homebrew store to refill your tank once in a while after you’ve setup the system. Since these CO2 tanks can be quite big and carry multiple times the amount of CO2 contained in SodaStream carbonators, you’ll also have to make even less trips to get the tank refilled.

What you’ll need

  1. A SodaStream/CO2 tank adapter & Hose Kit
  2. Adjustable wrench
  3. A Beverage Grade CO2 tank


  1. Screw the adapter on to your SodaStream soda maker (where you usually screw in the carbonator).
  2. Attach the other side to your CO2 tank (with the tank off).
  3. Turn the tank on when you are using the SodaStream and off when you are not.
  4. Make sure to clear the hose between uses.

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